Marital Therapy

Marriage is one of the most profound of human bonds.  It provides deep security and happiness to many people.  Marriage is a partnership for helping each other achieve heart-felt goals.  It provides a secure base from which many of us go out into the world and a warm place to come back to.  But in today’s busy and uncertain world, many couples are severely strained in their ability to support and sustain each other in this relationship.

At Meridian Psychological Associates we have therapists who are experienced with traditional couples, non-traditional family arrangements, and gay and lesbian partnerships.  Our therapists can help couples cope with crises in work or family, including children’s issues, deaths, or in the aftermath of an affair.  In many cases, therapy may last for a few months with a focus on developing communication and problem solving skills.  In other cases, therapy may last longer if one or both of the partners has more serious issues relating to their families of origin, a significant trauma history, and/or significant external stressors.  The goal is always to restore the conditions that support love and to enable the couple to succeed as partners in pursuit of individual and family goals.